Our Solutions

Many pieces must come together to get the ideal system for your business. We can help. Let us do what we do best. IT Systems. Whether your thinking "everything goes cloud" or you prefer in-house. Give us a bell.


Our technicians can supply and configure servers to suit your business needs. AD, File Storage, Web Hosting, SMB Servers. We do it all.

Mobile Workforce

A mobile workforce is becoming a crucial part of most businesses. The ability to unplug your device and head on the road within minutes while maintaining full connectivity.

Disaster Recovery Plans

What systems do you have in place when disaster strikes? Can you business keep running? Let us help you with that.

Internet Connectivity

We can recommend a number of ISP’s to provide the internet connection you need. Ranging from standard ADSL to Lightning fast fibre.

VOIP Systems

Get the most out of your phone systems and save on line rental and other assosciated costs. Have the flexibility of VOIP.

Network Design

A reliable, up to date network is crucial to your business and how it perfroms. We can help you with this.

IT Services

We simply want to make sure your business is getting the correct IT treatment and that our service is providing the best bang for your buck. Mint.

MINT IT Support

Rest assured your IT equipment will be working smoothly. Our experienced helpdesk, remote assistance and on-site tech-guys ready to head your way whenever your in trouble. Mint.

Managed IT Support

We become your in-house IT team, at a third of the cost. Let us manage everything IT in your business. Allowing you to focus on the more important aspects. All based around a pricing model that suits you. Mint. Right?

Cloud Services

We manage and recommend a number of cloud storage, backup, email systems that bring you ahead of the minority. Rest assured your data and emails are safe and secure in a cloud environment.

Top-notch IT Gear

A number of suppliers producing competitive pricing on basically anything electronic allows us to supply you with top-notch products and great prices.

Web Presence

We work closely with our web partners to help you generate your web presence and everything design. Mint.

Effective Solutions

We love to offer our clients effective results based on your budget and requirements. Get in touch and see what we can do.